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A truly great fantasy pulp roleplaying game!

– Markus Plötz, Ulisses Spiele


Pulp-Fantasy in 1926

Fighter pilots perform daring maneuvers between flying islands. Fedora-wearing archaeologists fight against nazis with jetpacks. A magical detective investigates for the elven femme fatale. Orc mobsters engage in car chases with the dwarven police. And the elven resistance sabotages magical tanks. Forget about steampunk! Think orcs in jeeps and elves in figher planes, dwarves in zeppelins and trolls with top hats and monocles. But be careful! Dragons are hunting every plane in the sky!


No lengthy reading!

Who has time to familiarize themselves with a new setting? Start playing right away! Dieseldrachen deliberately uses obvious clichés. Whether it’s the “Commonwealth,” the “Free States,” or the “Noviet Union,” you’ll find your way around the world of Dieseldrachen immediately and can start playing right away.

Colorful and interactive!

Dieseldrachen offers a colorful mix of carefully selected historical photographs and fantasy images. Moreover, our PDF document is fully interactive. That means no more annoying flipping through pages. Reach every chapter with just one click!


Rules promote creativity!

Each roll consists of three dice – whether it’s for skills, magic, or combat. Two of these dice are determined by the character’s values (attribute + ability). The third die is special: it depends on the creativity of the players! The more creative the solution, the higher the bonus die.


Want to know more?

Click on the maps on the right or download the character sheet:

💾 Character Sheet v1.1a (in German).pdf

Still interested? Get the free quick starter (in German)!


Let’s Play?


We also have German Actual Plays of our roleplaying sessions where we play Dieseldrachen. 

If you speak German, have a look at internerdTV!



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