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November - Pre-Order Now!

News – November 2023

Pre-Order now!
Printed Books coming in December!

It is happening! All books are FINISHED and PRINTED. Shipping will be just in time for DreieichCon. Right after that shipping to you at home will start. You can expect delivery in the first week of December!

The shop ( is OPEN NOW for you to make your order!

July - Shop

News – July 2023

New Adventure!
Printed Books! New Shop!

The third adventure for Dieseldrachen "Im Angesicht des Todes" (In the Face of Death) is OUT NOW!And that's not all! I now have an ONLINE SHOP where you can buy PRINTED BOOKS and MERCHANDISE. Clickhere for the new online shop and here for the PDF Link! (Everything's in German and orders only possible within Europe. I'll keep you posted once we go international!)

May - Patreon

News – May 2023

I now have a Patreon!

Earning money with roleplaying games is tricky, especially if it’s a niche. So if you happen to enjoy Dieselpunk-Pulp-Fantasy-Adventure-RPGs, I would really appreciate your support with Dragon Pulp Games in developing Dieseldrachen!

What you get? Depending on your tier: Discord access, exclusive Map assets, voting power, maps, exclusive character sheets and lots of Behind-the-Scenes info!

Check it out at

April - Lügenbaron

News – April 2023

Overhaul for "Der Lügenbaron"

Big update for "Der Lügenbaron" ("The Red Handed Baron"). I fixed numerous spelling mistakes, I also exchanged ALL illustrations with AI generated art, to unify the look. I also completely recreated the map of the mansion with new assets, so it looks even better! You will also find that all maps are now part of the DriveThrugRPG download as JPEGs, so you can more easily incorporate them in your online games or print them!
The update is - of course - FREE for everyone who has already purchased "Der Lügenbaron".
Have fun playing!

March - DPG

News – March 2023

We’re now "Dragon Pulp Games"!

Hello there! I'm Marc. I am the creator of Dieseldrachen, the Dieselpunk-Pulp-Fantasy-Adventure-Roleplaying Game (what a word!) and now also the founder of Dragon Pulp Games.

Now finally in English as well. The homepage that is. Everything else is still in German BUT it will be translated soon! Stick around for updates!

And as an apology for not really having any news: here’s a preview of the new adventure for Dieseldrachen, coming soon!

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Support me as an independent publisher to make Dragon Pulp Games and you can receive numerous benefits: 

  • Be the first to hear all the news!
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes insights!
  • Join our Discord community and find like-minded Dieseldrachen fans!
  • Up to 50% discount on all digital Dieseldrachen products at DriveThruRPG!
  • Exclusive digital downloads such as battlemaps, sample characters, and map assets, so you can create your own maps!
  • Shape the future of Dragon Pulp Games and vote on what we work next.
  • Send me your ideas and immortalize your characters/locations/ideas etc. in the next Dieseldrachen product!


A truly great fantasy pulp roleplaying game!

– Markus Plötz, Ulisses Spiele


Pulp-Fantasy in 1926

Fighter pilots perform daring maneuvers between flying islands. Fedora-wearing archaeologists fight against nazis with jetpacks. A magical detective investigates for the elven femme fatale. Orc mobsters engage in car chases with the dwarven police. And the elven resistance sabotages magical tanks. Forget about steampunk! Think orcs in jeeps and elves in figher planes, dwarves in zeppelins and trolls with top hats and monocles. But be careful! Dragons are hunting every plane in the sky!


No lengthy reading!

Who has time to familiarize themselves with a new setting? Start playing right away! Dieseldrachen deliberately uses obvious clichés. Whether it’s the „Commonwealth,“ the „Free States,“ or the „Noviet Union,“ you’ll find your way around the world of Dieseldrachen immediately and can start playing right away.

Colorful and interactive!

Dieseldrachen offers a colorful mix of carefully selected historical photographs and fantasy images. Moreover, our PDF document is fully interactive. That means no more annoying flipping through pages. Reach every chapter with just one click!


Rules promote creativity!

Each roll consists of three dice – whether it’s for skills, magic, or combat. Two of these dice are determined by the character’s values (attribute + ability). The third die is special: it depends on the creativity of the players! The more creative the solution, the higher the bonus die.


Want to know more?

Click on the maps on the right or take a look at the character sheet:

💾 Character Sheet Second Edition (in German).pdf


Let’s Play?


We also have German Actual Plays of our roleplaying sessions where we play Dieseldrachen. 

If you speak German, have a look at internerdTV!



Questions? Feedback? Ideas? Write me!